[saUnd] is a literary magazine on contemporary musico-poetics, exploring the way sound is thought about and utilized by today's poets. Musico-poetics isn’t about music – it’s about sound. Our discussions center around the acoustics, musical structures, and linguistics of both poetry writing and performance. We want you to let us in on your process to help shape what we talk about, and how the subject of sound in poetry should be approached in our contemporary setting.

Answer all Q&A questions listed below. You may also include:
  • 1-2 poems (either a link to something previously published, or a poem you'd like to submit to us for publication)
  • an audio file of you reading one of those poems, or just reading a poem of yours in general. The best poem to send is one that does a great job of illustrating the answers in your Q&A.

1. What style of music do you think most closely resembles your poetry?
2. Did you choose your writing style, or did it choose you? What does your style allow you to do with your poetry, that other styles would not?
3. How do you choose what a poem will look like on the page?
4. How do you choose your punctuation, or lack thereof? Does it have more to do with grammar, visual cues, or auditory/musical cues?
5. Do you think that punctuation can be equated with musical notation symbols such as note value, rests, and dynamic markings? How do you think of white space? Between words and stanzas? As it relates to the size and shape of the paper your work is printed on?
6. Do you think your poetry gives visual auditory cues to the reader? Do you think the reader hears the way you read your poetry by sight alone? If not, what do you think impedes this transfer of information?
7. How do you notate your poetry to make up for the lack of your voice being there? Do you try?
8. Do you consider yourself a performer of your poetry, or a reader? How come?
9. How would you describe your performance/reading style? Do you think that popular reading styles have shaped the way you read, or have you actively worked against the pull of mainstream performance style?
10. Do you think you’re the best performer/reader of your own work?
SOUND welcomes articles on any facet of contemporary musico-poetics in written poetry and/or performance. Don't know much about music? That's okay. Musico-poetics isn't about music, it's about sound.
Please send:
  • 1-3 previously unpublished poems 
  • optional: an audio or video file of you reading that poem